NTR going for a remix again?

By - December 17, 2013 - 11:29 AM IST

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The Young Tiger is very hungry and is making focused steps towards it prey! And it is taking all measures to have scrumptious meal this time. Well, we are obviously talking about NTR and his upcoming film under the direction of Santosh Srinivas. Along with the sure-shot script, the makers are now looking to garnish the film with yet another superhit number of Senior NTR. Remixes have always worked for Jr. NTR – be it “Renduvela Renduvaraku…” (AllariRamudu), “Olammithikkareginda…” (Yama Donga) and his time it can be the chartbuster number “Atthamaduguvaagulona…” from Senior NTR’s Kondaveeti Simham (1981).

But the makers are yet to decide on using the full song or just a bit of it. If it was maverick composer Chakravarthi who gave such a superhit number for the senior, Thaman has taken that responsibility for the junior. He has already proved that he has a good hand over remixes with his “Subhalekharasukunna…” With such a record, what wonder he would create for this film is a wait and watch!