• Birth NameNandamuri Taraka Rama Rao
  • Date of birth May 28th, 1923
  • Birth Place Nimmakuru (Krishna)
  • Occupation Hero

"At the age of 40, NTR learned Kuchipudi under the guidance of Vempati Chinnasatyam."

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At the age of 40, NTR learned Kuchipudi under the guidance of Vempati Chinnasatyam, the famous Kuchipudu Guru of India.


It was 1948 and L.V.Prasad went to Vijayawada for a Talent Hunt and saw a youngster for the first time. The youngster had good looks, height, handsomeness and was a B.A degree holder too. L.V.Prasad decided to cast this youngster as a hero for his upcoming project “Sreemathi”.  Exactly at the same time, the youngster got a job as Sub Registrar.  While he started vacillating between film chance or sub registrar job, he got a letter from L.V.Prasad saying, “ As of now we are not making the film Sreemathi. There is another project Mana Desam which has a small role in it. Please do come to act for the role”. He thought  “They said Hero’s role first and now they are saying a small role..Do I need this?”  and coolly joined the Sub Registrar job.  But his heart went out for acting.  People around him started saying what is the need of doing a job and that was it!  After working for 11 days as a Sub Registar, the youngster from Vijayawada took a train to Madras. Making his debut in 1948 for Mana Desam and reaching to unparalleled heights in Telugu Cinema is one of the Golden Chapters in the history of Telugu Films.  A conqueror of Silver Screen, and earning an eternal position in the hearts of millions of fans, and later venturing out to Politics, and eventually becoming chief minister of AP and taking the self-respect of Telugu people to international level- He is none other than the Everest peak NTR!

NTR was born in Nimmakoor, Krishna District on May 28th 1923. He studied in Guntur and Vijayawada and completed Bachelor of Arts. During his intermediate studies,  NTR acted in a stage play “Rachamalluni Dautyam” under the supervision of Vishwanatha Satyanarayana- a great Telugu poet.  In fact, NTR acted for the female lead Nagamma in the play with moustache! Later, he established an organization named NAT and performed in various stage plays. Earning a good name as a brilliant stage artist, NTR entered the Telugu Film arena.

After his first film Mana Desam in a small role, NTR never looked back in his acting career. His second film Palletoori Illu had him in the hero role along with another stalwart of his time- ANR.  But before this film was released, Vijaya Productions Sowcar came first.  Even it had NTR in the lead role. Working as an artist for monthly salary in Vijaya Production house, NTR improvised various intricacies in his acting. While with Samsaram, he proved to be an actor who can do heavy roles, with Paatala Bhairavi , he proved as a courageous warrior. People still have NTR’s mythological film posters such as Mayabazar, Sri Venkateshwara Mahatyam, Lava Kusa in their homes. This itself speaks of the heights which NTR reached as an actor.

NTRs image was not confined to regular roles alone. In the film Kalasi Unte Kaladu Sukham he acted as a person who is physically challenged.  He earned a great name in negative shaded roles such as Ravana and  Duryodhana. In cognizance of changing times, he acted in commercial films like Adavi Ramudu, Yamagola and Driver Ramudu as well. Without restricting himself to acting, NTR showed new standards as a director and a producer.

Being a person who strongly believes the audience are equal to God, NTR participated in many people welfare programmes. During crisis situations such as floods,  droughts and wars, he collected funds by acting in stage plays.

NTRs limitless affection towards the people made him an Emperor of Politics as well.

Acting in various genres of films such as Family Drama, Folklore, Historic, Mythological themes as a lead hero- NTRs name will be remembered forever in Telugu Cinema. With a successful career as an actor in 301 films spanning over Telugu- 278, Tamil-20, Hindi-3), NTRs name will not only remembered by Telugu people but also in the national level. 

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