NTR Memorial Is Neglected In All Ways

By - April 16, 2016 - 04:09 PM IST

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Why do you build a memorial? It is for showing our mark of respect and to let the future generations know that the contribution made by a certain individual has changed the face and identity of existence. The Telugu land has also got many stalwarts and one among them is the great N T Rama Rao.

His efforts to bring that identity to Telugu and his contribution in terms of the Telugu state and its people are beyond description. It is known that his memorial is opposite Lumbini park and the sad truth is, it is being neglected in a big way. Those who go inside cannot see a single detail about NTR and his works.

The maintenance is very bad and some formal makeup is done during his Vardhanti and Jayanthi. When you go to Delhi, all big leaders have their literature at their memorials but this is totally getting sidelined. This is a very important site not just for the Telugus but for those who visit Hyderabad as tourists. Despite its potential to become a landmark, it is being neglected in the most unfortunate manner.

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