Fans Associations For Telugu Lyricist

By - April 16, 2016 - 04:13 PM IST

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The general definition for a fan would be someone who is crazy about a hero or heroine and the fan associations are also formed only for them. In some instances, even few directors have fan associations but can you imagine a fan association for a lyricist? It is happening now in the Tollywood circuit.

The noted lyricist Chandrabose has got a strong fan association and yesterday, as part of the Sri Rama Navami celebrations, the fans gathered at the famous Bhadrachalam temple and distributed free lemon rice and butter milk on the association’s behalf. And here is another interesting add-on.

Chandrabose has got not one but two fan associations and the second one is based at Vinukonda near Guntur where a group of farmers have formed it. Well, it is not sure how Chandrabose managed to weave such a magic but it is indeed an inspirational thing to see a lyricist having a fan base.

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