Hit Aura For Growing Music Director

By - April 16, 2016 - 04:17 PM IST

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Just like the department of acting or directing, the segment of music composition is also very competitive and each day, many talented music makers are popping up. But it takes that special set of professionalism and composing talent that sets few individuals apart and makes them a hot property.

In Tollywood, one name has become the go-to destination for many small and medium budget filmmakers. It is Sai Kartheek and in the recent past, he has composed some really good scores for movies. His demand is so hot that in just one month, three of his movies have hit the screens.

Those who have worked with Sai Kartheek and listening to his tunes say he has the ability to deliver something different for each movie. At the same time, sources say he is quite professional and has a black and white approach in terms of committing to projects and meeting deadlines.

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