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  • Music Ghantasala
  • Producer Sunderlal Nahata
  • Director V. Madhusudhan Rao
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Rakta Sambandham (1962) story at a glance

The role of Savitri as Radha in Rakta Sambandham is an epitome of versatility in human relationships. Her performance as a woman who is stuck between the affection of her brother (Sr. NTR) and husband (Kantha Rao) is something exemplary. She was exceptionally good as a woman who goes through an emotional turmoil and troubles. Whoever watched the film during the time of its release came out of theatres with heavy heart and tearful eyes. This film is based on Tamil film “Paasa Malar” and it is interesting to see Mullapudi Venkataramana to debut his writing career with it. Savitri acted in both the Tamil and Telugu versions. Even for Sr.NTR, his portrayal as the considerate brother became one of his best in the career.

Story Details:
Raju (Sr.NTR) and Radha (Savitri) are children with no parents. Raju is extremely fond of his sister and looks after her with affection. He even starts a small business. Raju thinks of marrying his sister for a good match. However, Radha loves Anand (Kantha Rao). When Raju comes to know about this, he feels very happy. He later marries his aunt Kanthamma (Suryakantham)’s daughter (Devika). As days pass by, he becomes a successful businessman.  He invites Anand as a partner in his business. Kanthamma creates differences between the two families making Raju and Anand get separated. Radha gives birth to a son and Raju’s wife gives birth to a baby girl but unfortunately dies during the delivery. Raju gets too depressed and leaves into hiding. He sadly loses his eyes in an accident. The affectionate brother and sister meet in the climax and Raju takes a last word from his sister that she should get her son married to his daughter.  Unable to see her brother’s untimely death, Radha also leaves the World.

Savitri is the heart and soul of the film who played the role of a sweet sister, lover, wife and a mother. Her brilliant portrayal of each role is excellent. She excelled in the sentimental scenes involving Sr.NTR with ease. Sr.NTR is fantastic as the loving brother of Savitri’s character. He shared a great onscreen chemistry with Savitri.  Kantha Rao is adequate as the husband of Savitri and performs well. Suryakantham is brilliant as Kanthamma- the person who creates rift between families. Devika is decent as the second female lead.

Technical Aspects:
Mullapudi Venkataramana’s dialogues for the film add great value to it. He being a writer with comedy touch did not fail to include comic relief in a serious subject of this sort.  Ghantasala’s music is melodious with songs like ‘Idhe Rakta Sambandham’, ‘Bangaru Bomma Raveme’ and ‘Chanduruni Minchu Andamolikinchu’ becoming super hits.

Cast and Crew:

Radha- Savitri

Raju- Sr.NTR

Anand- Kantha Rao

Raju’s Wife- Devika

Kanthamma- Suryakantham

Dialogues: Mullapudi Venkataramana (First Film)

Lyrics: Kosaraju, Arudra and Dasaradhi

Music: Ghantasala

Producers: Sunderlal Nahata, Dundi

Direction : V.Madhusudana Rao

Banner: Rajyalakshmi Pictures

Release Date: 1st November 1962



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