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Pelli Chesi Choodu story at a glance

There is inevitably evil in Society. In order to eradicate it, some people choose the violent path and others make laws. However, some people who are with creative bent of mind take an issue- ladle it with entertainment, sarcasm and make it sharper than a knife and hotter than fire! They make a lasting impact with subtle questioning and give much needed effect. ‘Pelli Chesi Choodu’ is exactly one such film. This was Vijaya Productions second film (First was Paatala Bhairavi) which was tremendously successful. Let it be Story, Dialogues, Songs, Acting- Pelli Chesi Choodu is an undisputed Epic when looked in any dimension!

Brief Storyline:
The story is set in the backdrop of a town called Godapadu. There is a middle class family comprising of a widow Rattamma. She has a son Raju (Yandamoori Jogareddy) who is a school teacher and daughter named Ammadu (G.Varalakshmi). Raju is a huge drama enthusiast and he has a hobby of setting up stage dramas.  With her mother’s insistence, Raju starts off to Dhupadu to look for an alliance for his sister. He meets Viyyanna (SVR) – a person who boasts about himself as panchayati board president despite losing all the property. Raju asks Viyyanna to look for a suitable alliance for his sister. Incidentally, Raju falls in love with Viyyanna’s daughter Savitri (Savitri) and marries her. Viyyanna looks for higher status matches for his son in law’s sister Ammadu and on that account he settles a match with Venkatapathy’ (D.K.Sivaramakrishnayya) s son Ramana  (Sr.NTR)on agreeing to give dowry of Rs.15,000/-.  Just during the wedding ceremony, Ramana’s father demands the dowry amount but Viyyanna gives up saying he cannot give the money. As a result, the wedding gets called off and Ramana feels devastated. He is an educated, humble and sensible person and thinks of teaching his elders a lesson. Without telling his family, he calls Ammadu to Madras and sets up family. After some days, Venkatapathy comes to Madras to see his son. Knowing this, Ramana plays a drama along with his brother in law Raju. In that drama, Ramana acts like a mad person, Raju as a doctor and Ammadu acts as nurse. Believing that with marriage his son would recover, Venkatapathy looks out for matches. One day, the truth about drama gets known to Venkatapathy and lot of chaos happens. But with the strength and courage of youth, elders realize the mistake leading to a happy ending.

Sr.NTR acted as Ramana, G.Varalakshmi acted as Ammadu, Yandamoori Jogareddy as Raju, Savitri as Savitri, SVR as Viyyanna, D.K.Sivaramakrishnayya as Venkatapathy acted in the lead roles. Doraswamy, Balakrishna , Padmanabham, Suryakantham, Master Kundu acted in other respective roles. The kids who used to participate in Balanandam programme of AIR Madras also acted in this film.  Sr.NTR looked quite handsome and struck the right balance between heroism and comedy. SVR excelled in the role of Viyyanna with a peculiar mannerism of bristling the nose and setting the glasses. This film proved the worth of Telugu Film Industry in making satirical films in an entertaining manner!

Technical Aspects:
The film has 17 songs and it is interesting to know four of them are children related songs. The moment this film name is said, the first song comes in everybody’s mind is “Pelli Chesukuni Illu Choosukuni”. Other songs like “Edukondala Vada Venkataramana”, “Manasa, Nenevaro Neeku Telusa”, “Evaro Evaro”, “Amma Noppule”- all were super hits! Chakrapani, one of the producers for this film wrote the dialogues and story for the film. The elder characters songs were written by Pingali and child character songs were written by Ootukuri Satyanarayana. Ghantasala gave extraordinary music.  L.V.Prasad who already earned great name with ‘Samsaram’ was chosen as the director for this film.  Without using the preaching sentences like “One shouldn’t take dowry or ask for it”- a fun filled way of looking at the dowry issue is another specialty of this epic.

Cast and Crew:
Ramana- Sr.NTR
Savitri- Savitri
Viyyanna- SVR
Ammadu- G.Varalakshmi
Raju- Yandamuri Jogareddy
Venkatapathy- D.K.Sivaramakrishnayya
Story and Dialogues- Chakrapani
Lyrics- Pingali (Elder Character songs), Ootukuri Satyanarayana (Children Songs)
Music- Ghantasala
Producers- Nagireddy and Chakrapani
Director- L.V.Prasad
Banner- Vijaya Productions
Release Year- 1952


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