• Birth NameSamarla Venkata Ranga Rao
  • Date of birth Jul 3rd, 1918
  • Birth Place Nuziveedu, AP
  • Occupation Character Artist

"By acting as Ghatotkacha in Mayabazar, he was praised HAI HAI NAAYAKA both by Telugu and Tamil audience- eventually becoming like the ultimate character artist Telugu Cinema has ever witnessed."

Did You

SVR's first film is Varodhini, which suffered a very bad failure.


A film named Varodhini was released during the year 1946. Nobody had a clue when it was released or when it went off in time. It suffered a very bad failure. The lead actor of the film was into no man’s land for a period of two years. He was even scared to show his face.

But he went to Madras again, desperately going around the studios. People who were aware of his track record made fun of him saying, “Oh is that you who acted in the flop movie Varodhini?”. Instead of telling verbally they showed him that there is no acting career written in his fate.  At that precise situation when he wanted to return getting convinced that films are not for him- he got a chance to act in a small role for a film Manadesam (Incidentally Sr.NTRs first film). He could manage getting another small role in Palletoori Pilla (The first ever film which had Sr.NTR and ANR acting together). It was when Vijaya Production house came into existence.  As their first project, Vijaya Productions made Sowcar starring Sr.NTR and Janaki in the lead.  The film gave chance to the actor who was called a failure in the form of a villain role Sunnam Rangadu.

For an actor who was waiting with so much determination to prove himself till then, Sunnam Rangadu character was like a golden chance. He made no mistake and showed his tremendous acting skills in that role. After that initial success , Paatala Bhairavi came next. The actor reached to the heights of Everest peak with his peculiar dialogue delivery saying “Saahasam Saayara Dimbhaka” in the role of a Nepaalamantrikudu (Magician).  He never looked back in his acting career ever since. He achieved success with enormous consistency.  By acting as Ghatotkacha in Mayabazar, he was praised “Hai Hai Naayaka” both by Telugu and Tamil audience- eventually becoming like the ultimate character artist Telugu Cinema has ever witnessed.

He is none other than “Vishwanata Chakravarthy” S.V.Ranga Rao.

Born in Nuzividu on 3rd June 1918 to the couple Lakshmi and Koteshwara Rao, SVR excelled in stage drama acting at a tender age of 12.  By the time he finished his graduation in B.Sc (Honors), SVR was acting in English Dramas as well- those of Shakespeare’s in particular.  He earned the good name of an actor with amazing acting skills by this.  As a result, with an aim of acting in Films, SVR reached Madras. But his first film was a disaster. A disappointed SVR left Madras and worked in Tata Industry at Jamshedpur for some time frame.  He acted in English stage dramas even then and he wanted to try out films yet again with a small ray of hope. In that way , SVR came with all his might to play a second innings in Film industry.  After proving himself as a good actor by doing small character roles for two films, Sowcar came in for SVR as a wonderful opportunity. Whatever happened next was History- which was created by SVR himself!

Good looks, height, attractive facial features,  powerful voice, amazing ability to render a sankritized dialogue of any length at ease,  making an impact to any scene with breathtaking histrionics are those aspects which are possible to only SVR! Along with mythological characters such as Kamsa, Keechaka, Ravana, Duryodhana, Ghatotkacha, SVR could convincingly play characters with sympathy as prime aspect in films such as Bangaru Papa, Pandanti Kapuram and Thatha-Manavadu.  A film could become rock steady if SVR in an elderly role beside stalwarts like Sr.NTR and ANR.  In the role of Keechaka from Nartanasaala, which comes and goes in a whiff- SVR played it with unmistakable perfection and shook the audience with his amazing performance. He was awarded the best actor for this performance at Djakarta film festival.  SVR created his own style in characters which involve earthliness and the role of an elderly person in family dramas.  He acted phenomenally in the role of Kattula Rattayya in Monagallaku Monagaadu as well.  SVR turned producer later and even directed some good films like Chadarangam and  Baandhavyalu.

Unfortunately, SVR died on July 18th 1974 due to heart failure.

There can be only one Kohinoor diamond in this world.  SVRs talent is also of that sort! 

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