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  • BannerVaahini Productions Limited
  • Editor --
  • Cinematography --
  • Music Addepalli Ramarao
  • Producer B.N Reddy
  • Director B.N Reddy
  • Audio release date NA

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Bangaru Papa story at a glance

An innocent girl would  emanate humanity even in a person who is filled with revenge. It would make the person go to any extent to sacrifice for the precious girl who is brought up with utmost care. Bangaru Papa is one such film which is based on an English Novel ‘Silas Mariner’ , adopted well in Telugu by dialogue writer Palagummi Padmaraju to suit the Telugu ambience. It was produced by the artistic personality B.N. Reddy. SVR earned accolades as his career best performance in the lead role of Kotayya in the film.

Story Details:
Gopala Swami (Vangara) cheats a person named Kotayya (SVR) and send him to jail. After releasing from jail, Kotayya seeks revenge on Gopala Swami. But he gets to meet a girl kid in dramatic circumstances. Kotayya forgets his revenge and gets himself involved in looking after the kid. The kid is none other than the granddaughter of Gopala Swami. Gopala Swamis son Manohar (Jagayya) loves a woman named Shantha (Jamuna) and marries her in secret. The couple has a daughter. But Manohar marries  Parvathi (Vidyavathi) because he couldn’t go against his father’s wish. Shantha searches for her husband along with her child and dies in a cyclone. It is when Kotayya comes to find the orphaned kid and she grows up to become a woman (Krishnakumari). Manohar and Parvathi are childless which is why Manohar adopts his nephew Sekhar (Ramasharma).Sekhar and the grown up girl (Krishnakumari) become friends and later fall in love. But Sekhar’s parents are against the marriage because they feel a girl who grows up in the guidance of a goon cannot become part of their family. Kotayya even decides to leave the town in goodwill of his beloved child. It is when the truth comes out and the movie ends on a happy note with the wedding of Sekhar and the doting daughter of Kotayya. The film gives a great message in showing a revenge seeking character like Kotayya transform as a result of affections and humanity.
SVR excels in the role of Kotayya in the film. For people who feel SVR can confine to only aggressive roles, this film was a huge breakthrough. His emotional range has been perfectly explored by the director in the character of Kotayya.  Krishnakumari is fantastic as the female lead. Jaggayya and Vidyavathi are adequate in their respective roles. Jamuna gets an important role despite small screen time.

Technical Aspects:
The film was well adapted to Telugu to suit the audience here thanks to Palagummi Padmaraju who wrote the story as well as the dialogues.  Music by Addepalli Ramarao is a huge asset for the film and songs like Taadhimi Takadhimi Tholubomma, Yavvana Madhuvanilo and Ee Vennela became memorable. Direction by B.N.Reddy attracted the class audience in every respect.
Cast and Crew:
Kotayya- SVR
Manohar- Jaggayya
Shantha- Jamuna
Bangaru Papa- Krishnakumari
Sekhar- Ramasharma
Gopala Swami- Vangara
Dialogues- Palagummi Padmaraju
Lyrics- Devulapalli Venkata Krishna Sastry
Music- Addepalli Ramarao
Producer and Director- B.N.Reddy
Banner- Vahini Productions Limited
Release Date- 19th March 1955


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