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  • BannerModern Theatres
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  • Music Veda
  • Producer R. Sundaram
  • Director S.D Lal
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Monagallaku Monagadu story at a glance

Monagallaku Monagadu is one unique film which turned SVR’s career upright by earning him a special image in action oriented crime films. It is the 102nd film from Modern Theatres, a prominent production house from Salem, Tamil Nadu which made films in various Indian Languages. Based on this film, many such films featuring SVR in a rough character were exclusively made later. SVR played the role of Kattula Rattayya in the film. This character’s name became so popular that there was a film on the same name featuring SVR. His punch line “Kattula Rattayya pacchi netturu taaguthadu” became most popular among the audience.

Story Details:
Ramesh (Haranath) is an intelligent engineering student. He meets Geetha (Krishnakumari), the daughter of an affluent gentleman named Madhava Rao (Raavi Kondala Rao). With the help of Madhava Rao’s driver Bujji (Chalam), love blossoms between Ramesh and Geetha. It is when the story takes a twist with increasing crime activities in the town such as bank robberies and murders led by the leader Bhujangam (Prabhakara Reddy). The actual leader for the team is a CID officer (Balaiah) who indirectly leads the team. Ramesh gets trapped in a crime for which he is not guilty and is imprisoned. The criminal gang plans to kill Ramesh in prison itself by making an agreement with a contract killer Kattula Rattayya (SVR). The story takes another turn here where Ramesh escapes from prison with the help of Geetha, Bujji and Kattula Rattayya. The criminal gang falls defeated in front of the law. The real identity of Kattula Rattayya being a CID officer in disguise is revealed in the climax.

Ramesh is decent as Ramesh who is a representation of youth those days. Krishnakumari is adequate as the love interest of Ramesh and has important role to play. Chalam is excellent in the role of driver Bujji.  However it is SVR who steals the show with his portrayal of Kattula Rattayya. His histrionics,body language and diction is amazing to the core. Balaiah, Prabhakara Reddy and Raavi Kodala Rao are fine in their respective roles.


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