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Devudu Chesina Manushulu (1973) story at a glance

Previously, Hindi Cinema was commended for big budget, multistarrer films, and their complete entertainment value. But people doubted about such market in Telugu Cinema. When people started thinking whether such films would ever come in Telugu, Krishna was one hero who came forward to make a film belonging to that category. After the success of Mosagallaku Mosagadu in 1971, another experimental film ‘Devudu Chesina Manushulu’ arrived with different style. The film had everything what Sr.NTR film should have- Aggression, Family Drama, Sacrifices, Courage and Battles, Glamorous Herione and Elevating scenes for the hero. At the same time the film also had what Krishna film should have- Crime, Detection, Songs which cater to the tastes of his fans, scenes with female lead, and fights. The storyline is much equipped to make every section of audience appreciate it.

Story Details:
An affluent Zamindar(SVR) has a son (Sr.NTR) from his first wife but the son gets missing during his childhood and joins a robbery group. The Zamindar has a second wife too and the couple has a son (Krishna) and daughter(Kanchana) are spoiled brats and possess bad habits. The villains (Jagayya, Kantha Rao) plan to trap this family. It is at this moment two women (Jayalalitha, Vijayanirmala) transform the elder robbery brother (Sr.NTR) and the younger step brother (Krishna) who is spoiled into good human beings. The main storyline deals with two brothers who initially dislike each other but come together to fight over their common enemies. The film also has an additional character of Vijayanirmala’s brother (Satyanarayana) who is initially an alcoholic, liar and petty thief.

Sr.NTR is excellent as the elder brother and his role has so many different shades. The transformation his character undergoes is brilliantly portrayed by him. Krishna is brilliant and the spoiled brat and looks very energetic throughout the film. Satyanarayana does a memorable role of a petty thief who changes in the film. Jayalalitha and Vijayanirmala are very good as the female leads. Jaggayya and Kantha Rao are at their best in negative roles. SVR is at his usual best. The film also features most of the Telugu Film personalities in cameo roles such as Jamuna.

Technical Aspects:
Music by Ramesh Naidu is a huge asset for a drama film like this. Doravayasu Chinnadhi, Vinnara Alanti Venu Gaanam, Masaka Masaka Cheekatilo, Devudu Chesina manushullara became all time hits. Lyrics by veteran Sri Sri, Dasaradhi and Arudra work wonders. Direction by V.Ramachandra is very good.

Cast and Crew:
Zamindar- SVR

Zamindar’s Elder Son- Sr.NTR

Zamindar’s Younger Son- Krishna

Zamindar’s daughter- Kanchana

First Female Lead- Jayalalitha

Second Female Lead- Vijayanirmala

Second Female Lead’s brother- Satyanarayana

Villains- Jaggayya and Kantha Rao

Dialogues: Tripuraneni Maharadhi

Lyrics : Sri Sri, Dasaradhi, Arudra

Music : Ramesh Naidu

Producer: G.Hanumantha Rao

Director: V. Ramachandra Rao

Banner: Padmalaya


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