• Birth NameSiva Rama Krishna Ghattamaneni
  • Date of birth May 31st, 1943
  • Birth Place Burripalem
  • Occupation Hero

"Krishna's career took a new turn in the year 1969. He established Padmalaya Studios with his wife Vijayanirmala who was his co-star as well."

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Thene Manasulu was the first film to be made in color in 1965 with Krishna in the lead role


By the beginning of 1960s, the production of Telugu Films gained its speed. Stalwarts like Sr.NTR and ANR  reached the biggest heights. Next to them, Jaggiah and Kantha Rao were going on well. Haranath earned good name as an actor with bright future. Actors like Sobhan babu and Ramakrishna were acting in small roles and were waiting for the right opportunity to strike them. At this juncture, director Adurthi Subbarao produced series of hits – Manchi Manasulu and Mooga Manasulu starring ANR and Savitri. He wanted to cast newcomers for his next film and called for it with a newspaper ad.  There were numerous photographs, letters from all over the state in response to it. There was a picture of a tall young man in rose colored complexion in one of those responses. He is none other than Ghattamaneni Sivaramakrishnayya hailing from Burripalem near Tenali. Here is the story of how this Sivaramakrishna arrived in Madras with interest in acting and how he transformed to Superstar Krishna..

Krishna was born on May 31st 1943 in Burripalem and studied in Tenali. He saw Sr.NTR in a 100 days function of a film. Looking at the tremendous craze of fans, and the way Sr.NTR was honored by the complete town, Krishna started pondering. He made a mental note that someday he should reach such position in life. He developed interest in acting and often appeared in stage plays of Praja Natya Mandali. Prominent producer Chakrapani also belonged to Tenali. Krishna took a recommendation letter from one of Chakrapani’s relatives and arrived in Madras to become a film actor. The moment Chakrapani saw Krishna, he said, “ You are looking too delicate. You don’t seem to be even 20 years old. Try for chances after some years.” But Krishna stayed back in Madras and while acting in Stage plays he even acted in small roles for films like Padandi Mundhuku and Kulagotralu.

It was exactly when the Adurthi Subbarao’s call for newcomers ad was featured.  Thene Manasulu was the first film to be made in color in 1965 with Krishna in the lead role. The film was a huge success and just a year later ‘Kanne Manasulu’ released.  Krishna’s third film ‘Goodhachari 116’ earned the appreciation of audience by making them feel that Telugu Cinema has got its James Bond hero.  Right from then Krishna never looked back in his career. He acted in Bapu-Ramana’s debut film Sakshi as the innocent Ballakattu Kishtappa and earned great appreciation. After that ‘Asadhuyudu’ released and Krishna’s getup as Alluri Seetharamaraju earned many accolades. Krishna was flooded with opportunities.  Krishna used to act along with stalwarts like Sr.NTR and ANR whenever he got the chance. At the same time he used to act in full length films thereby earning a good action hero image.

Krishna’s career took a new turn in the year 1969. He established Padmalaya Studios with his wife Vijayanirmala who was his co-star as well. Though their first produced film Agni Pravesham was a flop, Krishna stood unnerved. He chose Cowboy themed film and shot it with great technical values in exotic locations such as deserts and snow capped mountains. The film was none other than Tollywood’s first cinemascope color film ‘Mosagallaku Mosagadu’. The film was a huge success and relieved Krishna. Right from then Krishna was flooded with nonstop offers. Without saying no to anyone who approached to make a film with him, Krishna worked for three shifts a day at point of time and even earned a record of acting in maximum films in the period of a year. By acting in films produced by others, Krishna simultaneously made good films in his home banner with good technical values and new concepts. Krishna introduced Cinemascope to Telugu Cinema with Mosagallaku Mosagadu, 70MM technology with Alluri Seetharamaraju, and DTS sound system with Simhasanam.

Krishna created a masterpiece with Alluri Seetharamaraju in Telugu Cinema. At the same time, he encouraged his wife Vijayanirmala to direct films. He established an exclusive banner Vijayakrishna and made ‘Meena’ with her in direction department. While working with prominent directors and production houses, he himself became a director with ‘Simhaasanam’. By establishing Padmalaya Studios in Hyderabad, Krishna proved his multi faceted talent as an Actor, Producer, Director and head of the Studios. By producing films featuring senior actors like Sr.NTR and ANR, Krishna’s Padmalaya Studios earned the great respect as much as prestigious banners like Vijaya and AVM did in the past. He ventured into Politics in later phase of his life and was elected as M.P. Krishna was awarded the prestigious Padmabhushan by the Indian Government. By making a record of acting in 200 films a year, Krishna acted in 350 films in his career. In 2012, Krishna announced his retirement as actor and politician at the age of 69. Being a person who is always ready for courageous steps and new experimentations, Krishna earned many accolades throughout his career. He became an inspiration for many. By giving another Superstar Mahesh Babu as his legacy, Krishna is enjoying the bliss of fatherhood by seeing his son’s successful career as an actor.

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