Vijayanirmala's 50 Acre Farming

By - February 02, 2018 - 07:48 PM IST

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Those who hail from the countryside always have their hearts in the earthly soil and no matter where they go they make it a point to remain connected with the roots. Many celebrities in the Tollywood circuit have come from small villages and true to that, they still love to go back to their roots when the time comes.

One among them is the senior actress Vijayanirmala, wife of superstar Krishna. It is heard that she is quite keen about farming and has a big farm near Gandipet. Sources reveal the extent of this farm is a whopping 50 acres. From her end Vijayanirmala is taking care of everything and ensuring smooth functioning of the farm.

Reports also reveal it is a joint family and all of them they stay together. Vijayanirmala is the captain of the ship none of the family members override her. Some of her relatives quip that she is almost like Sivagami in Baahubali. At the same time, she takes care of each and everyone’s welfare and ensures all are happy. This is truly inspiring!

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