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  • BannerSri Productions
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  • Cinematography --
  • Music T. Chalapati Rao
  • Producer Sunderlal Nahata
  • Director V. Ramachandra Rao
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Marapurani Kadha story at a glance

This is the first full length film role for Vanisri, who acted in minor roles and occasionally in comedy oriented roles. She proved that she is the acting descendant of Mahanati Savitri with her phenomenal acting in this film. Vanisri excelled in a role which demanded innocence, ignorance and eagerness to gain the appreciation of people. Just when this film was released and people were talking about her acting extravagance, she was seen in another good role in Sukha Dukkhalu and established herself as a fantastic actress. Krishna , who already established himself as a good actor happened to get a very good performance oriented role in this film. This role was originally done by Sivaji Ganesan in Tamil, and it was indeed a challenge for Krishna to accept it.

Story Details:
Raghu (Krishna) is a good natured gentleman and knows about the hardships in poverty. Because of unemployment problem even after getting degree, he leaves for Amritsar to work as a peon in an organization run by Telugu people. He welcomes Ravi (Chandramohan) who is devastated about life to stay with him. Raghu requests his general manager and gets Ravi a job as manager in the same company. Raghu even gets Ravi married to Radha( Kanchana) who works as a typist in the office and falling in love with the latter. Raghu looks after Radha with extreme care but people misunderstand this closeness. Raghu feels extremely bad about it and thinks of distancing away from Ravi and Radha. But the couple convince him saying they all should stay together. Meanwhile, he gets a letter from his family asking to come for marriage proposal meeting. As the story cuts from there-

Madhavarao (Nagaiah) is a middle class family man who has two daughters Sarada (Vanisri) and Shanta (Sandhya Rani). Sarada is a very innocent girl who speaks her heart out and easily gullible to people’s words. As a result, people assume her to be ignorant. Varahalu (Nagabhushanam) speaks ill of her character. Sarada gets many marriage proposals but the people believe these wrong notions on her and mistake her innocent and pure nature. As a result, her father gets very upset. Shanta on the other hand tries to control this innocence of Sarada. Madhava Rao’s lawyer friend also tries to help the family by referring them good matches. In one such situation, a guy named Raghu’s parents (Radhakumari, Chalapathi Rao) come to meet Sarada. Even before the formal meeting, Sarada and Raghu meet. When the formal meeting happens, Madhavarao tells every truth and the false notions about Sarada to Raghu’s family. But an unnerved Raghu says he is willing to marry Sarada even after knowing all this.

Ravi feels that Raghu is taking a wrong decision in marrying Sarada. He tries to break the alliance in some way or other. As a result, Sarada takes sleeping pills on the night before wedding. Ravi is none other than Sarada’s brother who runs away from the town unable to bear the false news spread by the people of his town about his sister.  The drama unfolds when it’s known that Ravi lies to Raghu about his real identity. Raghu feels shocked knowing all this and accepts a dying Sarada as his wife by tying the sacred thread to her.  Sarada dies as a married woman. The film makes the audience think about the sad story of an innocent woman like Sarada who dies because of the evil societal talks.

Vanisri is fantastic as the innocent girl Sarada. She made perfect use of the first ever full length role given to her. Sarada’s innocent and sweet expressions, ignorance and every emotion was greatly portrayed by Vanisri. People could instantly realize that a great actress was born by looking at Vanisri’s performance.  Krishna is highly believable in the role of substance instead of mere heroics. He is shown as a middle class youngster who knows what life is about. He is seen in the get up of legendary poet Gurajada Apparao for a special song ‘Ganga Yamuna Tarangalalo’. Chandramohan is quite good as the brother and a concerned friend. After getting a very good role in Rangula Ratnam, Chandramohan proved himself to be an actor of substance with this film. Kanchana gets a nice role as wife of Chandramohan. Nagaiah gives a memorable performance as the father of Sarada.  Nagabhushanam gets a tailor made role as an evil man who spreads wrong notions about Sarada. Raavi Kondala Rao offers good comedy relief in a serious themed film of this sort.

Technical Aspects:
Bhamidipati Radhakrishna’s dialogues are fantastic and yet thought provoking. T.Chalapathi Rao’s music is a huge asset with songs like ‘Ganga Yamuna Tarangalalo’, ‘Nootikokka Manase Kovela’ became good hits.  V.Ramachandra Rao’s direction is crystal clear and never goes down in the drama department.
Cast and Crew:
Raghu- Krishna
Sarada- Vanisri
Madhavarao- Nagaiah
Shanta- Sandhya Rani
Varahalu- Nagabhushanam
Raghu’s Parents- Radhakumari, Chalapathi Rao
Comedian- Raavi Kondala Rao
Dialogues- Bhamidipati Radhakrishna
Lyrics- Arudra, Kosaraju, Dr.C.Narayana Reddy, K.Appala Charya
Music- T. Chalapathi Rao
Producers- Sunderlal Nahata, Doondi
Direction- V. Ramachandra Rao
Banner- Sri Productions
Release Date-   27th July 1967


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