• Birth NameRatna Kumari
  • Date of birth Aug 3rd, 1948
  • Birth Place Nellore
  • Occupation Heroine

"S.V. Ranga Rao gave Ratna Kumari the professional name of Vanisri."

Did You

Vani Sri graced the Telugu Silver Screen with Bhishma (1962) in a very small role and had to confine herself for such roles.


There are three greatest aspects of Vanisri as an actress- which are coming from very low steps of life, forming a strong foundation of acting career, and taking the right decision in the right time! Her name is interchangeably used for perfect acting skills. Vanisri was called as a true acting descendant for Mahanati Savitri. But her life was a mix of ups and downs. Unnerved by the setbacks, she made best use of every opportunity which graced her and her ascending of every step can be clearly seen in her acting career. In fact, one can draw a parallel between the acting journey between Vanisri and Bollywood actress Mumtaz. Initially, both these talented actresses were seen in forgetful roles and comedy oriented subjects. But they made no mistake when they got the right opportunity and showed their acting extravaganza in the right time. When they realized the end of their career is coming by, they welcomed it with open arms and got settled in family life.

Vanisri was born as Ratnakumari in Nellore, and her childhood was turbulent. She reached Madras to her sister’s house for the purpose of studies and it is when her interest drifted to music and dance. Films looked like the obvious destination for her passion. She graced the Telugu Silver Screen with Bhishma (1962) in a very small role and had to confine herself for such roles. But she did not lose her heart and never hesitated to act in comedy oriented roles as well. She used to act in stage dramas and films simultaneously. In fact she bagged the lead role in Rakta Kanneeru- a stage play of veteran negative actor Nagabhushanam. During then, another prominent actor SVR rechristened Ratnakumari as Vanisri.Whether it is the timing or fate, Vanisri’s acting career took a quantum leap from then. From then Vanisri’s talent was slowly getting noticed. Many felt that she had the makings of Maha Nati Savitri and since then Vanisri became an ardent follower of Savitri. Despite small roles, Vanisri reminded the viewer of Savitri in close up shots. Her portrayal of a doctor in Aame Evaru (1966) was short yet memorable and people noticed her presence. When Vanisri was acting in comedy oriented roles opposite actors like Padmanabham, Raja Babu and Balakrishna, two films namely Marapuaraani Kadha (1967) and Sukha Dukhalu (1968) took her career to new heights.

Artistic director B.N.Reddy gave Vanisri a role of female lead in Bangaru Panjaram (1969) establishing her as one of the top actresses in Telugu Films. Right from then, all the lead heroes started noticing her. She paired opposite ANR in Atmeeyulu (1969) and Bhale Rangadu(1969) and along with Sr.NTR in Nindu Hrudayalu (1969). She made perfect usage of these golden opportunities.

Vanisri never looked back from then. She acted opposite all popular South Indian Heroes such as Sr.NTR,ANR, Krishna, Sobhan Babu and Sivaji Ganesan which were commercially successful. She became the busiest star by acting in three shifts per day. If she starred in a film, it was called as a minimum guarantee. After crossing 30, she decided it is time for her to get settled.

Vanisri married a family doctor and retired from active acting career. But she occasionally appeared in some blockbuster films like Attaki Mogudu Ammayiki Mogudu, Bobbili Raja and Allari Alludu- opposite the next generation heroes like Chiranjeevi, Venkatesh and Nagarjuna which became memorable hits.

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