Rare Talent Of Tollywood Director

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When you look at a director you would expect that person to be very good with his craft of executing a movie in the right way. But there are those directors in Tollywood who possess other forms of talent too. The talk now is about one rare talent of a director which is getting appreciation.

His name is Devi Prasad and he is the man who came up with movies such as Blade Babji, Mr Pellikodudku, Kevvu Keka and others. Apparently, Devi Prasad is a very good artist and he paints very well. It takes a special gift to be able to come up with something beautiful on the canvas.

Sources close to Devi Prasad reveal his paintings are lifelike and convey a lot of emotion. Recently, on the eve of Superstar Krishna’s birthday Devi Prasad made a painting showing the superstar in his heydays as a hero. This picture is getting many accolades and Devi Prasad’s rare talent is getting recognition.

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