Interesting Title Bagged By Young Hero

By - June 01, 2016 - 12:36 PM IST

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Time and again we have stressed the importance of coming up with catchy titles as they create a lot of positive influence on the minds of audience. Usually, a lot of brainstorming happens when it is a big star flick but these days even small and medium budgets are working hard for nice titles.

Now, one young hero has bagged an interesting title and is reaping its benefits. He is none other than the vibrant hero Nikhil Siddhartha and his new movie has been named as Ekkadiki Pothaavu Chinnavaada. This is a line from the famous chartbuster of the black and white era from the film Atma Balam.

For any film, the poster, title, trailer will catch attention of the crowds and pull them to the theatres. The first two points Nikhil has scored well and now it is the turn of the trailer. If this also works then he would have laid a strong foundation for scoring success at the box office.

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