Kajal & Eega Sudeep's Help for Director

By - June 01, 2016 - 11:27 AM IST

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Cut to the point - Kajal Agarwal & Kannada star Sudeepa Kichcha (of Eega fame) are going to do special roles in a young Telugu hero’s film.

Going into the details, creative director Krishna Vamshi is directing a film titled Nakshatra starring Sundeep Kishan & Nanditha Raj in the leads. In this movie, Sudeep will play a brief yet key role of a powerful cop and Kajal will be hispair. Recently Krishna Vamsi narrated the role to Sudeep and he gave an instant nod impressed with the story.

Already the first schedule has been wrapped up and KV is looking forward to the crucial second schedule. Well KV was the one who gave Kajal a break and Sudeep should have heard what sort of a director he is.

Kajal and Sudeep will be a crucial addition to the project that will help KV in every aspect. Wishing the team good luck!