New Twist in Suriya's Police Case

By - June 01, 2016 - 08:24 AM IST

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When you get into an altercation or scuffle with someone you should think twice before approaching the police. The best way would be to settle the matter amicably. But there are times when some individuals go by their spur of the moment emotion and do something unnecessary.

Something like that happened with the supremely talented Tamil star Suriya on whose name a police complaint was filed in Chennai. A 20 year old boy filed a complaint at Shastri Nagar PS alleging Suriya had slapped him. Apparently, Suriya had stopped the boy from fighting with an old lady.

The issue became quite hot during the last two days and before it could blow out of proportion the latest update is that the boy has withdrawn the case against Suriya. It is not known why he withdrew it but all is well that ends well. Inside sources say Suriya is a genuine person so issue would have got settled peacefully.

Here's the Tweet which he got from the lady he rescued & his reply to that-

Thank you very very much for telling those two boys not to lay hands on me when they were abusing and threatening me yesterday

In midst of all the drama appreciate your boldness for this message!! Respects!! Pls take care! Thank you All!


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