By - May 31, 2016 - 07:01 PM IST

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In a hero driven industry where superstars rule the roost, it is a tough job for a heroine to stand out and carve a niche of her own. Though the flood of beauties is high, there is only that one special starlet who earns an iconic stature with passing time. Telugu cinema has seen such divas for a while.

Long ago, it was the reign of Mahanati Savitri and till date, comparisons are made with her finest performances taken as benchmarks to the current generation heroines. After Savitri left, it became the turn of Soundarya and if it was not for her unfortunate accident, she would have ruled for few more years.

Cut to the present, this place has been taken by the awesome beauty Anushka who has proved her mettle not just in glamour department but also in performance and box office stamina. Today, she is the highest paid heroine in Tollywood. That way, each era had a starlet who became the queen of Tollywood.  

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