Clash b/w Top Producers & Director

By - May 31, 2016 - 04:18 PM IST

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Here is yet another sensational report regarding a happening movie under production and the clash between its producers and director.
It is a production house that has scored its debut hit recently and joined hands with a director (who also bagged a super hit recently) for the most anticipated commercial entertainer of the upcoming season. A huge set has been ereceted in a studio recently which has costed about Rs 4.5crore, according to the director. But the producers have later found that the set actually costed around Rs 1 crore and the director has allegedly misused the funds.
The producers have apparently given the director a remuneration of Rs 8Cr and promised a share in the profits as well. In spite of a pretty offer like this, the director has resorted to misuse of budget, claim the producers. They have apparently putforth the issue before the hero which is still under discussion.
Both the hero and producers had serious concerns about the inflating budget and with the latest accusations they are working out terms with the director and the way to limit the budget, say reliable inside sources. We need to see how this issue resolves and the film shapes up!

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