Police Complaint on Hero Suriya

By - May 31, 2016 - 01:54 PM IST

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Taking the entire fan world by surprise, an assault case was booked against star hero Suriya in a local Police Station, Chennai city.

Going into the details, a biker named Prem Kumar bumped into a car coming opposite to him. The lady driving the car and Prem Kumar indulged in a roadside brawl in which hero Suriya (who was passing by) interfered and apparently settled the brawl.

Suriya’s intervention bought him new headaches as Prem Kumar along with his friend lodged a complaint against Suriya alleging that he manhandled them taking the lady’s side. However, Suriya reportedly lashed out these manhandle allegations and asserted that he just stopped those guys from assaulting the lady.

Chennai Police booked the case and started probing into the incident.

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