Beautiful Actress In Award Mood

By - May 31, 2016 - 11:53 AM IST

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Though Tollywood is a big industry it is not as big as Bollywood and it certainly doesn’t have that Pan-India market so that different experiments can be made. This is more so when it comes to making heroine centric movies. It works in Bollywood because the weight of female stardom is high.

So, when starlets in south talk about performance based roles, it only means they are gunning for awards. One name which has now been added to the list is that of the sensuous Nadiya. It is heard that she has begun filtering all the offers coming to her and going only for substantial roles.

Apparently, Nadiya feels her talent is not being exploited to the fullest and feels she must be given challenging roles. Those who heard this are saying Nadiya seems to be in the mood for bagging few awards. Let us wait to see which filmmaker will understand her desire and make her dream come true.

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