Brahmotsavam New Trick to Minimize Losses

By - May 31, 2016 - 09:53 AM IST

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Film producers and their cast do zillion things to promote their films and this can be as creative as possible. But here is a new promotional trick being used to minimize the losses incurred due to the film.
Going into the story, Brahmotsavam movie has disappointed fans and distributors big time. While Mahesh, his fans and the producer have decided to move on with the result, the distributors are immersed in minimizing the loss margin. Brahmotsavam hasn’t reportedly recovered even half of the investment in many areas and hence, they have come up with a new propaganda. Here is a new 2nd week poster in a newspaper and look what’s written on it - “Boring scenes theesesinanduvalla chudadagga kutumba katha chitram” (A watchable family entertainer as the boring scenes are deleted).
This super optimistic move has raised many eyebrows but this is already the second week with the actual damage already done. Already audience are largely preferring Supreme to Brahmotsavam and are now eagerly looking forward to A..Aa release on June 2. If it bags a positive talk then Brahmotsavam will really have a fat chance!

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