Dowry Harassment Allegations on Shiv Shankar Master & Family

By - June 01, 2016 - 09:51 AM IST

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Eminent choreographer Shiv Shankar Master is quite a popular name with his work in films and television shows. This senior choreographer has now hit headlines for dowry harassment allegations upon him.

Going into the details, Shiv Shankar master’s daughter-in-law Jyothi accuses his entire family of harassment for dowry. While her husband (master’s son) Vijay Krishna expressed his will to discuss and compromise, Shiv Shankar master lashed out her allegations. He made a counter allegation that eyeing upon his properties, Jyothi is creating unnecessary ruckus with an intention to defame him. He also added that Jyothi even tried to get his family kidnapped and demanded Rs 10Cr! Adding to this, both Jyothi & Shiv Shankar master family have mutually made life threat complaints against each other.

Well this is not the first time we’ve seen family disputes of celebrities getting public. Hope the issue resolves and the family finds some peace at the earliest.