30 Glorious Years to Superstar's Simhasanam

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The versatile yesteryear hero Krishna has the credit of bringing many trends and technologies to Telugu Cinema. He was always on the forefront to do coming of the age films when Tollywood was merged skin deep with family sentiment and mythological films.

However, it was Alluri Seetharama Raju that fetched him unforgettable name and fame as an actor and a performer. It was South India’s first feature film to be made in Cinemascope. After relishing this humongous success, this passionate and dashing actor and producer put his head on the block and made the high budgeted film Simhasanam which completes 30 glorious years today!

Interestingly, this film is set on a folklore backdrop with an ensemble cast of Jayaprada, Kantha Rao, Radha and Bollywood sensation Mandakini et al. Krishna did a remarkable job as the army chief of Dasharna’s kingdom and was a heartthrob in his folklore costumes and stellar performance.

This “Baahubali of the 80s” was produced by Superstar Krishna under his home banner Padmalaya Studios on a huge budget (of Rs 3.5 Crores approx. back in the 80s) with first of its kind exotic art direction and production design. Bappi Lahari’s foot tapping music deserves a special mention especially the song Aakasam Lo Oka Taara that became an all-time hit (which was even remixed recently- such is the song’s craze). Simhasanam also has the credit of being the first stereophonic sound movie on 70mm in Telugu film industry.

In the era of changing times where more art oriented films were in vogue during the mid-80s, Krishna’s bold step in making a folklore film is commendable! We are forever grateful to passionate pioneers like Krishna for gifting us such memorable films. Hail Cinema & Long Live Filmmakers!

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