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Pandanti Kapuram story at a glance

After the success of Mosagallaku Mosagadu, Krishna decided to make a film with partnership of Prakabhara Reddy and production of his brother G.Hanumantha Rao instead of his home production.  Great family values, entertainment, songs and wonderful performances made the film a huge success at the Box Office.

Story Details:
The film features a happy family comprising of four brothers (S.V.Ranga Rao, Gummadi,  Prabharaka Reddy and Krishna) . The eldest brother (S.V.Ranga Rao) is very affectionate towards his family and he is the head of the family. The second brother (Gummadi) has a special bonding with Rani Malini Devi (Jamuna), whom he promises to marry but due to sad circumstances , he gets to marry another woman.  Rani Malini Devi hates him for this regard and decides to take revenge on the family. She is upset because she gets pregnant and loses her child after giving birth. The third brother (Prabhakara Reddy) marries an arrogant woman (B.Saroja) who finds her in laws to be too old fashioned and irritable. With the culmination of all these troubles the happy family gets separated. The youngest brother (Krishna) is a happy go lucky youngster who loves his relative (Vijayanirmala) and the rest of the story is about how all the troubles come to an end – making it a happy family ever after. In the end, the second brother comes to know that he has a daughter (Jayasudha) from his relationship with Rani Malini Devi.

S.V.Ranga Rao excels as the eldest brother in the family who is particular about rules and family values. This doesn’t mean he is devoid of emotions. His acting in “Babu Vinara” song can make anybody tearful where he explains about the sad story of the breaking in family bondages. Gummadi is terrific as the second elder brother who gets caught with his old lover and his existing family. Krishna is entertaining as the youngest brother with great histrionics and teaching his arrogant sister in law a lesson.  His chemistry with Vijayanirmala works well again. Jamuna does a fantastic job in the role of Rani Malini Devi- a woman who turns powerful after feeling cheated by her past lover. Prabhakara Reddy is adequate as the henpecked husband and B.Saroja does a great job as the arrogant wife of his. Raja Babu generates few laughters. Veteran actress Jayasudha played a pivotal role in the film- in her early days of the career.

Technical Aspects:
The film is pretty strong with respect to the storyline and the dialogues were crisply written. Music by S.P.Kodandapani is huge asset where Babu Vinara and Manasa Kavvinchake Nannila became highly popular. Kodandapani himself sang a duet ‘Idhigo Devudu chesina bomma’  with Suseela. There is another beautiful duet ‘Eenadu Kattukunna  Bommarillu’ by SPB and Suseela. As the film is script driven, the direction is crucial and it was done flawlessly.  Production values are decent.
Cast and Crew:
Eldest Brother- S.V.Ranga Rao
Second Brother- Gummadi
Third Brother- Prabhakara Reddy
Youngest Brother- Krishna
Rani Malini Devi- Jamuna
Third Brother’s wife- B.Saroja
Youngest Brother’s Lover- Vijayanirmala
Second Brother’s daughter- Jayasudha
Story-Dr. M.Prabhakara Reddy
Dialogues- Maddipatla Suri
Lyrics- Dasaradhi, Kosaraju, Mailavarapu Gopi
Music- S.P.Kodanda Pani
Producer- G.Hanumantha Rao (Krishna’s Brother)
Direction- P.Lakshmi Deepak
Banner- Jayaprada Pictures
Release Date- 21st July 1972


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