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Ramudu Bheemudu story at a glance

Ramudu Bheemudu is the first ever film which showcased Sr.NTR in a dual role. It is one of those successful formulaic films where the two twin brothers are separated in childhood and unite after growing up. While one character is etched to be sober, the other character would be aggressive. There are countless films which were in made in this category- in Indian Cinema and Ramudu Bheemudu paved way for such brilliantly entertaining films.

Story Details:
Ramudu ( Sr.NTR ) is an affluent guy but very sober and innocent. He gets repeatedly cheated and ill treated by his relative Rajanala, and gets assaulted many times as well. His single mother is helpless due to this situation and Ramudu gets furious with his fate and leaves the house.  Things turn in a way that the other twin brother of Ramudu: Bheemudu (Sr.NTR) comes into the picture and teaches Rajanala a lesson as he is quite aggressive and courageous. Ramudu takes the position of Bheemudu- a poor household but with good affections and he starts appreciating life in hard work. Rest of the story is highly entertaining and about how the brothers  come together and realize their bonding.

Sr.NTR is highly contrasting in the two twin brothers roles he played- One as the sober Ramudu and other as the aggressive Bheemudu. His personality changes for each role perfectly and he gives beyond best for them. Jamuna played the love interest of Bheemudu, who is an affluent lady and her father was played by SVR.  L.Vijayalakshmi played the love interest role of Ramudu, who stays in the poor working household. Sr.NTR makes sure that the film is never boring and entertaining till the last frame. Rajanala is perfect as ever playing the bad guy and he does it with ease.  

Technical Aspects:
Music by Pendyala is one of the main foundations for the film- which gave it entertaining as well as high technical value. Songs like Ade Ade and Telisindhi Le became chartbusters and are remembered even till date.  Lyrics were penned by greatest poets like Sri Sri, C.Narayana Reddy and Kosaraju.  Production values are of top notch and D.Ramanaidu fetched a huge fortune with this film’s success.  Direction by Taapi Chanakya is highly entertaining and convincing to watch.

Ramudu Bheemudu movie stills


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