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Missamma story at a glance

Missamma remains to be one of the greatest Social Drama films ever in Telugu Cinema for the perfection it offers. Based on Bengali Literary work Manmoyee Girls School by Yotish Benarjee, Acting, Music, and rock steady direction are some of the greatest aspects of this film.

Story Details:
The story is based on two main protagonists of the film Sr.NTR, and Mary (Savitri), their economic struggles and how they make people believe they are really husband and wife and the metamorphosis of their relationship. Personalities wise, both of them are extreme opposites. While Sr.NTR’s character is laid back and fun loving, Mary is a staunch Christian and is a no- nonsense person.  The rest of the story is about how these two get along, and the sweet little troubles they face as it progresses by.

Sr.NTR is amazingly handsome and perfect in performance as the fun loving hero. His histrionics and those little tantrums he tries on Mary were brilliantly done. He looks breathtaking in the songs, with great looks along with fantastic acting skills. Savitri is fantastic as the no- nonsense strict lady Mary. Her facial expressions speak millions of words even without uttering a single dialogue. This one film is enough to say why Savitri is called as one of the greatest actresses Telugu Cinema has ever seen.Veteran actresss Bhanumathi was initially casted as the female lead in the film but due to some differences with Chakrapani, the golden chance greeted Savitri. ANR is seen in a comedy detective role, which was quite challenging for him because just then he played the pathos lover role in Devadas. Veteran actors like Jamuna, SVR, Suryakantham also are present in the film which gave it a picture perfect look.

Technical Aspects:
Dialogues by Chakrapani are brilliant in its own accord. They are crystal clear, which would hit the audience straight. Pingali Nagendra Rao’s lyrics for the songs are another highlight of the film. Music by S.Rajeshwara Rao wonderfully adds to this lyrical brilliance. No Telugu person can forget the songs like Raavoyi Chandamama, Telusukonave Yuvathi and Aaduvari Maatalaku ever.  Direction by L.V. Prasad is wonderful and gives the film a great entertaining momentum.


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