Hero Sivaji's Historical Dialogue

By - March 20, 2018 - 05:52 PM IST

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The power of dialogues is such that even if the content is not that great, the movie will touch the success zone purely on the basis of powerful dialogues. Given that impact, you can imagine what happens when someone comes up with a powerful dialogue in real life when emotions are running high and sentiments are hurt.

The people of Andhra Pradesh are currently in a very disturbed mode given the fact that BJP has abandoned them and is not living to any promise. The struggle for Special Status is still on and in the midst is hero Sivaji who has been coming up with some sensational statements. This time, he came with a historical dialogue.

He mentioned that ‘BJP is trying to put its hand on the dignity of Telugu Thalli and that hand should be cut off”. Well, power star Pawan Kalyan once said that ‘I will strip the clothes of Congressmen and bash them up’ which created quite an uproar. Similarly, this dialogue from Sivaji will remain in history as an immortal line.

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