• Birth NameAkkineni Lakshmi Vara Prasada Rao
  • Date of birth Jan 17th, 1908
  • Birth Place Eluru, Andhra Prades
  • Occupation Director

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L.V.Prasad acted in the first three talkie films of Indian Cinema- Alam Ara (Hindi), Kalidasu (Tamil) and Bhakta Prahlada (Telugu).


Yes, anyone would start off somewhere at some point of time. They pave way for great path of the future. They may not be physically present in the World now. But such people will be remembered as long as foundations of the World remain. Their hard work is always seen. While it is a moment of pride for Telugu People to have a person like L.V.Prasad who strengthened the foundations of Indian Cinema, Iqlikmovies.com feels the responsibility of telling about such great personality to the coming generations by presenting some milestones in his career.

It is a record to see L.V.Prasad act in the first three talkie films of Indian Cinema- ‘Alam Ara’ (Hindi), ‘Kalidasu’ (Tamil) and ‘Bhakta Prahlada’ (Telugu). In the same way, L.V.Prasad could screen and celebrate Silver Jubilee of his own film ‘Khilona’ in the same theatre where he worked as a gatekeeper earlier in Bombay.  During the days when Mookie films were made in Bombay, L.V.Prasad became interested in films after watching them in tent halls at outskirts of his hometown. Without telling his family he reached Bombay, learnt the work and became an inspiration to coming generations. Here are some of the interesting facts about such a great personality:

L.V.Prasad was born as Akkineni Lakshmi Prasada Rao on January 17th 1908 in Somavarappadu in Eluru taluka. As his actual name was lengthy, he was asked to shorten it by a studio cashier in Bombay- that is a different story! His parents are Sriramulu and Basamma and they belong to an agricultural family. L.V.Prasad was more interested in acting for stage plays and mookie films more than studies right from his childhood. His education stopped at eighth standard itself. While helping his dad in agricultural duties , Prasad fell in love with his uncle’s daughter  Soundarya Manoharamma and got married to her. As fate could have it, his father became bankrupt. Agriculture wasn’t helpful. All their lands went to the debtees. By then Prasad even became father of a daughter. During a time when his family was in dire situation, he wanted to test his fortune by going to Bombay and work for films. He tried for work in Kohinoor studio. For the sake of money he worked in a carnival as well. Finally, he got a chance to work as Light boy in imperial studio. By carrying heavy lights and refractors, Prasad fell into the notice of Ardeshir Irani, the owner and director of the studios. It was when Irani was making his first talkie Indian film ‘Alam Ara’. Prasad, who was already acting in small roles during his tenure as light boy in the studio got a chance to act in this film as well. Prasad came to know H.M.Reddy, the right hand of Irani and he gave Prasad chance to work as assistant director for first talkie film in Telugu ‘Bhakta Prahlada’ in. He even acted in a small role in this film which released in 1931. H.M. Reddy made Kalidasu on the same sets and Prasad got an opportunity to act in it too. With good encouragement from Reddy garu, Prasad worked as an assistant director for ‘Sati Savitri’(1933) and acted in it. All these three films were made in Bombay, after which Reddy left for Madras. As a result, there was a gap in Prasad’s career. Prasad already took his family to Bombay by then and he had to suffer financially because of this. He could act in some stage play roles done by prominent Bollywood actor Prithviraj Kapoor’ own venture ‘Prithvi Theatre’.

It was when Prasad got a call from Reddy garu in Madras. Reddy garu was directing ‘Tenali Ramakrishna’  (1941)and ‘Gharana Donga’ (1942) and offered a role for Prasad. From then good days began for Prasad. Saradhi’s  Gruhapravesham (1946) had Prasad in hero role opposite Bhanumathi and he himself directed the film. With tremendous success of the film, Prasad’s career took a quantum leap. He even completed ‘Palnati Yuddham’ (1947) which was initially started by Gudavalli Ramabrahmam and was interrupted due to his ill health. Prasad acted as a rowdy in ‘Drohi’(1948) and was the director of it as well. He introduced Sr.NTR on Telugu Silver screen by directing ‘Manadesam’ (1949)  produced by actress Krishnaveni. He completed the film’Samsaram’ (1950) and made it a grand success. There was another quantum leap in store for Prasad when he associated with Vijaya Productions. Their first film ‘Shaavukaru’ (1951),  ‘Pelli chesi choodu’ (1952), ‘Missamma’ (1955) and ‘Appu Chesi Pappu Koodu’(1959) were directed by Prasad. He even directed Anjali Pictures first film ‘Paradesi’ (1953), PAP production house’s first film ‘Pempudu Koduku’(1953). Prasad established his own production house and made a super hit film ‘Ilavelpu’ (1956) starring ANR . It was directed by his assistant Yoganand. He made ‘Illalu’ (1965) with his brother Akkineni Sanjeev as the director. He established his own studio and Lab and produced many films not only in Telugu but also in Tamil and Hindi. Prasad was given the highest honour ‘Dada Saheb  Phalke’ award and he established Eye Hospital in Hyderabad. Even during his elderly days he acted in Kamal Hassan starrer ‘Amavasya Chandrudu’. He made many great film personalities and introduced acting stalwarts like Sr.NTR and Sowcar Janaki to Telugu film industry. This great man left the world on June 22nd 1994.

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