• Cast Dr.Govindaraju Subbarao, Kannamba, , S. Varalakshmi
  • BannerSarada Productions
  • Editor --
  • Cinematography --
  • Music Gaali Penchalanarasimha Rao
  • Producer Goodavali Ramabrahmam
  • Director
  • Audio release date NA

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Palnaati Yuddham (1947) story at a glance

Palnaati Yuddham is a historic epic based on the battle of Palnaadu. Great performances, crystal clear direction and songs made this a wonderful film to watch.

Story Details:
During the regime of Emperor Anugu Raju in Palnaadu Area, Brahmanna (Dr.Govindaraju Subbarao) joins as a minister and gets a good name. After Anugu Raju, his first wife’s son Nalagamaraju (Teegala Venkateshwarulu) ascends the throne. By then, Brahmanna becomes even more powerful. More than the Emperor, Minister’s role becomes more crucial. Nalagamaraju’s step brothers Narasinga Raju (Mudigonda Lingamurthy) and Mali Raju(D.S.Sadasiva Rao) treat Brahmanna as their father. Brahmanna follows Vaishnavite tradition. In the same kingdom, Nagamma (Kannamba)- a Shaivite hates Brahmanna and joins the  Emperor to poison his mind about Brahmanna. She succeeds in creating a fight between Nalagamaraju and his step brothers eventually leading to war. To make things worse, she organizes hen fights in the kingdom and makes the step brothers go for exile in forest. Just then, Brahmanna’s son Balachandrudu (ANR) fights in the war like Abhimanyu and unfortunately dies. In the battle of Palnaadu, the complete family members of the emperor die and lot of bloodshed happens. Only Nagamma and Brahmanna survive. They both realize that irrespective of timeline and kingdom, if people fight for power and politics by neglecting affections and love, instead of getting a golden kingdom they would be left with a graveyard. They give up worldly pursuits and transform to spiritual people.

Dr.Govindaraju Subbarao acted wonderfully in the key role of Brahmmanna and Kannamba delivers a memorable performance as Nagamma- a character with multiple shades. Her aggression and powerful dialogue delivery was made the best use. Mudhigonda Lingamurthy acted brilliantly as Narasinga Raju. Veteran actor ANR performed great as Balachandrudu in a role of valiant vigor.

Technical Aspects:
The film was initially started in the own direction of Gudavalli Ramabhrammam, but due to him getting affected with paralysis, he requested L.V. Prasad to direct the film. L.V.Prasad took up the challenge and made the film on high budget and attained success. Sadly, Ramabhrammam died before the film could be completed. Music  by Samudrala Senior is a huge asset for the film and ANR himself sang for his songs in the role of Baalachandrudu.
Cast and Crew:
Brahmanna-Dr.Govindaraju Subbarao
Nagamma- Kannamba
Narsinga Raju- Mudigonda Lingamurthy
Mali Raju-D.S.Sadasiva Rao
Baalachandrudu- ANR
Maanchala- S.Varalakshmi
Dialogues and Lyrics- Samudrala Senior
Music- Gaali Penchalanarasimha Rao
Producer- Goodavali Ramabrahmam
Director- L.V.Prasad
Banner- Sarada Productions
Release Date- 24th September 1947


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