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  • Music S. Rajeswara Rao
  • Producer A. Shankara Reddy
  • Director Tatineni Prakasa Rao
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Charanadasi story at a glance

Charanadasi is based on Vishwakavi Rabindranath Tagore’s work Nouka Doob adapted well by Sadasivabrahmam for Telugu nativity. The film deals with a journey of a woman who considers her husband to be everything and as fate could have it, gets stuck in challenging circumstances, and how she faces these situations. She faces many tough challenges during this course. This character was played by Anjali Devi with great ease and she earned many accolades for her performance. In certain sequence for the film, Sr.NTR and Anjali Devi happened to act as Lord Rama and Seetha respectively. The key scene in the film is the analogy of the scene from Ramayana where Lord Rama asks Seetha for Agni Pravesham after waging a war with Ravana. When the producer Shankara Reddy saw Sr.NTR and Anjali Devi as Rama and Seetha in the film, he was so impressed that he got an idea of making a full length film Lava-Kusa with the same pair later. Everybody knows the biggest success of Lava-Kusa which came later.

Story Details:
The film is based on two couples – where the first couple (Sr.NTR and Anjali Devi) and the second couple is  (ANR and Savitri). Anjali Devi loses her husband in a train accident and dramatically she happens to meet ANR and consider him as her husband. The film features the struggle of Anjali Devi for her husband and ends on a happy note.

Anjali Devi is extraordinary in the title role of a woman who is in trouble and search for her husband’s affection. Her histrionics in sentimental scenes are worth million bucks. ANR is wonderful as the male lead and he performs par excellence. Sr.NTR does the needed job as the husband of Anjali Devi. Relangi, SVR, Ramana Reddy, Shaavukaru Janaki, Kannamba and Suryakantham played pivotal roles in the film and they are usual best in their respective roles.

Technical Aspects:
While the story is based on a Bengali work, writer Sadasivabrahmam did a great job in bringing forth the nativity of the Telugu household. Music by S.Rajeshwara Rao is brilliant with Gulabeela Taavulene, Nee Daya Chaalunu Ra Krishna, Murisenu Lokalu Kanuma, Badili Ipoyindhi Bhama Mani became good hiits. Direction by Tatieneni Prakasa Rao is at its dramatic best.
Cast and Crew:
First Pair- Sr.NTR and Anjali Devi
Second Pair- ANR and Savitri
Ramana Reddy
Shaavukaru Janaki
Dialogues : Vempati Sadasivabrahmam
Lyrics: Senior Samudrala, Vempati Sadasivabrahmam, Kosaraju Raghavaiah Chowdary, B.V.N.Acharya
Music: S.Rajeshwara Rao
Producer : A.Shankara Reddy
Director: Tatineni Prakasa Rao
Banner:  Lalitha Films
Release Date: 20th December 1956


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