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  • BannerVinodha
  • Editor --
  • Cinematography --
  • Music Ghantasala
  • Producer D.L Narayana
  • Director P. Pulaiah
  • Audio release date NA

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Kanyasulkam story at a glance

The epic Sanskrit Drama written ‘Mruchakatikam’ written by Sudhrakudu features Vasantasena character which is termed as one of the World’s greatest stage play characters ever. Critics feel that the character of Madhuravani in Gurajada Apparao’s Kanyasulkam is on par with such exemplary character. While this role was brilliantly portrayed on stage by Narasimharao,  credit goes to Savitri for portraying the role on silver screen. After the success of Devadasu (1953), producer D.L.Narayana chose Kanyasulkam to be made next. P.Pulaiah who is well versed in Telugu and English drama was chosen as the director for the film. Initially ANR was considered for the male lead role of Girisham for the film. But ANR politely refused playing the role because it has negative shades and cunning moves. However, Sr.NTR readily agreed to act as Girisham.

Story Details:
Girisham (Sr.NTR) from Vijayanagaram is a strict opportunist. He loves to fake his own words and attracts people by telling lies. He depends on a prostitute Madhuravani (Savitri) and a widow Pootakoollamma (Chayadevi) and gets going in his life. He fakes being an English teacher and gets money from Venkatesam, a resident of an agraharam. By taking debts from most of the residents from Vijayanagaram and in order to escape their tantrums, he shifts his base to agraharam. Venkatesam’s father Agnihotravadhanulu (Vinnakota Ramanna Panthulu) is a firebrand. Girisham tries to help him in court issues. Agnihotravadhanulu has a daughter Bucchemma (Sowcar Janaki) who falls trap in Girisham’s words.  She gets married at an early age and loses her husband very soon. Meanwhile, Madhuravani has another lover Ramappanthulu (CSR) who is equally cunning as Girisham. Madhuravani cleverly makes both of them fools by waiting for the right time. Lubdhavadhanulu (Govindaraju Subbarao)  eyes on Bucchemma and plans to get married to her. With the greed of Kanyasulkam- a sum of money given by the bridegroom’s family in order to marry the bride, Agnihotravadhanulu makes the stage ready for the marriage. However, his brother in law Karakata Sastry doesn’t approve of this marriage and becomes successful in breaking it. At the same time, Girisham plans to elope with Bucchemma but his plans are thwarted by Madhuravani’s drama planned with Sowjanyarao Panthulu (Gummadi). While the stage version of Gurajada Appa Rao ends this way, the film version features the wedding of Girisham and Bucchemma with the insistence of Madhuravani and Sowjyanyarao Panthulu.

Savitri is fantastic in the pivotal role of Madhuravani in the film. She excels in histrionics, looks, and body language suitable for the character. Her role is a driving factor for the entire plot in the film. Sr.NTR is at his wittiest best as the cunning Girisham. He brings life to one of the greatest roles ever adorned in Telugu Literature. Vinnakota Ramanna Panthulu gets a good role as Agnihotravadhani and he is excellent. Sowcar Janaki is at her innocent best as Bucchemma, a young widow.  Govindaraju Subbarao is great as Lubdhavadhanulu and CSR is fantastic in Ramannapanthulu’s role. Gummadi, Chayadevi are adequate in their respective roles.

Technical Aspects:
Gurajada Apparao’s story is the heart and soul of the film. The dramatization of characters, realistic satire on social system in India were brilliantly written by him. Ghantasala’s music is melodious with songs like’Putthadi Bomma’ written by Gurajada himself was greatly presented on screen. Chitaarukommana Mithai Potlam (Malladi), Anandam Arnavamaithe (Sri Sri) became all time hits. Though the film wasn’t greatly successful in the first release, it was admired in the second release.

Cast and Crew:
Madhuravani- Savitri
Girisham- Sr.NTR
Agnihotravadhanulu-Vinnakota Ramanna Panthulu
Pootakoollamma- Chayadevi
Bucchemma- Sowcar Janaki
Ramappanthulu –CSR
Lubdhavadhanulu - Govindaraju Subbarao
Sowjanyarao Panthulu -Gummadi
Dialogues: Vempati Sadasivabrahmam
Lyrics: Gurajada Apparao, Malladhi Ramakrishna Sastry, Sri Sri
Music: Ghantasala
Producers: D.L.Narayana
Direction : P.Pulaiah
Banner: Vinodha
Release Date: 26th August 1955


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