NTR's Statue In Los Angeles?

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The biggest tribute you would want to give to an icon or a legendary person is by installing a statue of his in an important junction of a big city or town. In the Telugu lands, the great N T Rama Rao has got an immortal status as a legend. Even today, there are many hardcore fans of him.

Now, the stage is set for the popularity of NTR to go international. News is that a specially made statue of NTR is going to be unveiled in Los Angeles, USA. The man behind that is called Melody Venkateswara Rao and he is a bigshot among the Telugu NRIs. The unveiling is scheduled to take place on July 5.

This would be attended by some big stars of Tollywood, important delegates from NATS and noted politicians from different parties. This is the first time that NTR’s statue would be installed in foreign soil and many Telugus based in the USA say it is indeed a proud moment for all of them to have the demigod in their midst.

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