Pawan On Farmers- Renu On Taxes

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When you hear a regular couple speaking about social welfare issues, the impact may be very minimal but when you hear a famous celebrity speaking about it, the reach and impact is phenomenal. And if the celebrity happens to be someone like power star Pawan Kalyan then the result is beyond words.

True to that, Pawan has always focused his attention on the welfare of farmers and how Mother Earth should be respected. His love for agriculture and respect for farmers is always seen. While this is one side, his former spouse is also not far behind in societal issues. We are talking about Renu Desai.

This pretty lady is quite active on social media and she has been raising many fundamental questions on the taxation issues in our nation and how common man is getting affected by it. Well, as long as the authorities are affected by it and take an appropriate decision, it is only people like Pawan and Renu who can make the difference.

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