Short Yet Fetching Target for Baahubali

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Versatile filmmaker Rajamouli is not only a brilliant director but also a master strategist when it comes to marketing his films. While it is a daring step to make a magum opus project like Baahubali, it is a bigger task to plan the promotional activities to ensure maximum returns. Perhaps for this reason, this intelligent filmmaker is churning out new strategies everyday!

Sources say that Rajamouli's short yet impactful target is to get the best out of benefit shows now. He wants to attain the mark of 10 crores returns with benefit shows alone! Going by the tremendous hype the film created and with promising star cast, we shouldn't be surprised if Rajamouli crosses this well marked target!

As it is said having talent alone isn't enough to survive in the film industry. One should know how to project their work rightfully to the audience- Rajamouli undoubtedly falls in this unique category. 

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