Manchu Lakshmi's Support to IAS Officer

By - July 02, 2015 - 07:52 PM IST

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Manchu Lakshmi is always on the upfront when it matters to the issues related to the women. True to her image, she gave her voice on the current issue regarding an IAS officer Smitha Sabarwal.

Going in to the reports, one magazine had recently published a derogatory article on Smitha Sabarwal and addition to that an image also published which portrayed her in a very demeaning way. The whole society stood against the magazine’s behaviour and on this actress Lakshmi Manchu aired a video of her as a support to Women Officer in this regard.

She not only extended her support but also requested all the society to fight against these discriminations over women. Well done Lakshmi for your first step in standing against the incorrect.

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