Producers To Become Event Managers

By - July 02, 2015 - 03:58 PM IST

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If you were to point out one of the most riskiest and thankless jobs in the entertainment industry, it is that of a producer. This is because he is the person who pumps in the money for shaping up a project and gets the first blow if the film doesn’t work. Lately, producers have been looking for alternatives.

One such option is to become event managers and hold stage shows. If it is planned rightly then there is sufficient guarantee that money will come and even sponsors also are interested to spend. Above all, the TV rights will be taken for live streaming and coverage at a hefty price.

Nowadays events are flopping because they are depending on ticket sale and if that is not happening as per the expected number trouble occurs. But if planned rightly then the margins are very good. So, many small producers are focusing on that segment. Though similarities are there for filmmaking and stage shows the preparation has to be different. Planning must be made in such a way that the ticket revenue is just bonus.

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