Superstar Kidnap movie review & ratings

By - July 03, 2015 - 08:35 AM IST

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Cast: Nandoo, Aadarsh, Bhupal, Vennela Kishore, Shraddha Das, Fish Venkat, Poonam Kaur, Posani Krishna Murali
Banner: Lucky Creations
Cinematography: Eeshwar
Music: Sai kartheek
Editor: Praveen Pudi
Producer: Chandu Penmatsha
Director: A Sushanth Reddy

Tag line: One time Watch Kidnap!

Avg User rating: 3.25/5


Jai (Aadarsh Balakrishna), the son of a film producer, a casanova and a spoiled brat who has girlfriends and debts all over. Bhupal (Bhupal) is an aspirant director desperately looking forward to narrate a story to Superstar Mahesh Babu with the help of Jai. Nandoo is dumped by his girlfriend and he is set out on a revenge upon Jai for trapping his girlfriend Priya (Poonam Kaur). Three of them eventually meet up due to the demand of circumstances and decide to kidnap none other than Superstar Maheh Babu but their plan buys them more trouble.


Aadarsh, Bhupal & Nandoo: All the three actors quoted their respective roles and gave their best.

Vennela Kishore: He is indeed a surprise package for you in the film and carries the second half on his shoulders. His subtle comedy and satires give the much needed comic relief.

Shraddha Das: This hot diva is seen in a new role as a Lady Gabbar Singh and has as usually nailed it. Wish her character had some more meat and action big time!

Fish Venkat: Forget about the dark horse supporting actor Fish Venkat you usually get to see in big flicks. Perhaps for the first time, you'll see Fish Venkat in a full-fledged villain role with a comedy touch!

Poonam Kaur: She is back into action with a petty but important character in the film. By the way, she brings in glam quotient for the film.

Posani: This ace comedian was a pleasant surprise but rather underutilized.

The rest of the cast did a decent job.


Debutant director Sushanth Reddy deserves a tap on the back for have made a different attempt and that too for his debut film - indeed a great gesture from the young director.

Now coming to the concept, kidnapping superstar Mahesh Babu isn't a bad idea (at least for the silver screen) but the actual concern arises with the narration. The director had interesting characterization placed in this kidnap drama but all the characters remain mostly undone and under utilized. The core idea of kidnap is impressive and the first half was pacy and intact but the narration eventually slipped off the rails. However some engaging performances by Vennela Kishore, Posani, Fish Venkat, Shraddha Das et al and slick editing came to the rescue of the film. You find some interesting animation sequence in the second half which is yet again a refreshing narrative style employed. 

Well, the first half scores over the second half with a decent interval bang.


- Performances of the lead cast.

- A refreshing storyline and intriguing start.

- Interesting characterization and the subtle comedy.

- A pacy first half.

- Decent cinematography and good music and editing.


- Some flimsy narration with bland comedy especially in the second half.


The album by Sai Kartheek is catchy and groovy catering to the needs of the genre! But unlike the routine, you will get to see some situational songs. But the back ground score fails to leave any impact.


The animation used in a crucial sequence in the second half is refreshing but its duration is the biggest concern.


Superstar Kidnap is a strict one time watch fun film, especially when you have few mad friends along and some time to kill. Remember.... No expectations, No pains!

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