Desert Fight Of 'Baahubali' @ 2 Theatres

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Don’t think that the magnum opus Baahubali has got a war sequence which takes place on the desert. We are talking about a fight which is currently happening on the desert land of Dubai due to this movie. The trouble in Dubai has occurred because the rights have been taken by one organization.

Apparently, they are getting different offers and it is heard that recently one local Telugu bigshot said he wanted two theaters wherein he would screen the film and sell the tickets. The official MRP is 30 Dirhams per ticket but the sole distributors said 100 dirhams per ticket. He accepted and took the two theatres.

Now, he is selling each ticket for 150 and 200 dirhams and the original sellers are surprised how it is happening. Well, the craze is very high and even working class is also coming forward to buy the tickets. This is not a late show but a benefit show which starts at early hours. This is the first time such a craze has developed in a foreign country wherein one is buying a theatre in black and selling it in double black.

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