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  • BannerSri Saradhi Studios
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  • Music Master Venu
  • Producer Y. Ramakrishna Prasad
  • Director Taapi Chanakya
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Kalasivunte Kaladhu Sukham story at a glance

A melodious duet can be made only with a good female singer’s support for a male singer. In the same way, for a hero to excel in his acting career, a good female lead is essential. Savitri’s role as an actress is commendable for the career rise of Sr.NTR and ANR. It is needless to say that most of Savitri’s blockbuster films came in her combination with Sr.NTR and ANR. Even in multistarrer films, Savitri made sure her presence is felt with superior acting skills. Kalisi Unte Kaladhu Sukham is one such masterpiece.

Story Details:
The film is set in a backdrop of an agriculturally rich village. There lived an agriculture based joint family for which Pattabhiramaiah (SVR) is the head. He has a loyal brother Sundara Ramaiah. Sundara Ramaiah has a dedicated wife Ramanamma (Hemalatha). The couple has two sons in which the elder son Kittaiah (Sr.NTR) has his limbs paralyzed due to a childhood incident where he tries to take off the kite from a current cable. The younger son is Raghu (Haranath) who studies degree in the city. Pattabhiramaiah is childless and his wife Gayyali Gangamma (Suryakantham) is a jealous filled woman. She mistreats Sundara Ramaiah and his family. Gangamma is a miser and Ramanamma gets an orphan Radha (Savitri) to her house. Everybody starts like Radha except Gangamma. Kittaiah gets married to Radha and the couple has a son. Meanwhile, Gangamma’s brother Rangoon Raja (Relangi) enters the scene. He is a cheat and with his sweet sounding words, makes Gangamma believe him. He creates a rift between two brothers Pattabhiramaiah and Sundara Ramaiah and draws a demarcation between the happy family house. He even gets his sister Janaki (Girija) married to Raghu. He shifts them to city in the name of business and cheats them in return. It is when Kittaiah and Radha stay in the city for treatment and Rangoon Raja kidnaps their son to perform in a circus feat. During the rescue incident of their son, Kishtaiah gets a current shock – eventually repairing his paralyzed limbs. The film ends with a happy family of Kishtaiah and the remorse of Rangoon Raja and Janaki.

Sr.NTR is phenomenal in the deglamorized and physically challenged role of Kittaiah. He is brilliant in the emotional scenes and every viewer would empathize with his character. It is not an easy task to excel in such role in a peak time of his career.  Savitri is excellent as the orphan Radha, who has admiration for innocent Kittaiah, and a lovable wife for him later. She looks stunning in every frame with great screen presence. Suryakantham is at her arrogant best for the role of Gayyali Gangamma. SVR is adequate as the head of the family. Relangi gets a good role as Rangoon Raja. It is interesting to see that in the Tamil version, his role was adorned by M.R.Radha (Father of actress Radhika). Girija and Haranath are decent in their respective roles.

Technical Aspects:
Dialogues by Acharya Athreya are heart touching especially in the emotional sequences. Music by Master Venu became a highlight for the film. No Telugu audience can forget the folk masterpiece ‘Muddabanthi Poolu’ sung brilliantly by Ghantasala and Suseela for this film. ‘Aha Bangaram Bhadradri Ramaiah’, ‘Naa Vaarala Thandri  Nee Vela Pudithivi’, ‘Kalasi Unte Kaladhu Sukham’ became all time hits as well. Direction is crisp and made the film a perfect family entertainer.

Cast and Crew:
Radha- Savitri
Kittaiah- Sr.NTR
Rangoon Raja- Relangi
Janaki- Girija
Raghu- Haranath
Pattabhiramaiah -SVR
Ramanamma- Hemalatha
Gangamma- Suryakantham
Dialogues: Acharya Athreya
Lyrics: Kosaraju, Arudra and Sri Sri
Music:  Master Venu
Producers: Y. Ramakrishna Prasad
Direction : Taapi Chanakya
Banner: Sri Saradhi Studios
Release Date: 8th September 1961


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