Prakash Raj Insults NTR

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For many years you would have been admiring and respecting the powerhouse performer Prakash Raj for his work as an actor and till recently, it was also about his other charity acts. However, Prakash is now garnering attention for the wrong reasons thanks to his controversial statements.

While he has launched a full scale offensive against the Modi government, his latest statement is raising eyebrows. Well, Prakash was interacting with the media in Bengaluru at an event when he mentioned that the arrival of film stars into politics and setting up political parties has ruined the country.

Those who heard this are saying it means as if Prakash Raj is insulting the likes of the great N T Rama Rao, the iconic MGR and the dynamic Jayalalithaa. They are asking couldn’t Prakash see live examples of how they worked for the people. For now they feel this is a very narrow statement coming from a wise person like Prakash.

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