Lalitha Jewelers Parody Ad

By - November 13, 2017 - 09:56 AM IST

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It is imperative that you need to do a lot of campaigning and advertising to push your product in the market and take it to the consumers. One man has taken that to such an extreme that today people are seeing him and his product in their dreams while sleeping.

We are talking about the Lalithaa Jewellers ad and its boss Kiran Kumar. While he is doing whatever he can to capture this market, one film team decided to come up with a parody ad to promote their movie. We are talking about the team of ‘London Babulu’ featuring Rakshith and Colors Swathi.

A video in the youtube is going viral and this features the senior artist Ajay Ghosh coming up with a small ad. Those who saw it are saying this is an exact replica of the Lalithaa Jewellers ad and know that it has been done deliberately as a parody. While they are having a good laugh watching it, they are also remembering the movie strongly now.