Trisha Imitating Vijayashanti

By - November 13, 2017 - 10:45 AM IST

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When you come across those instances or situations which give you a déjà vu feeling you will recall it has an inspiration from the past. This happens a lot when you are watching movies. From their end, even the artists tend to take an inspiration or two from their seniors at one point.

The petite beauty Trisha was in the top league for more than a decade and she has now entered her mid 30s. This seems to have prompted her to change her strategy as she is opting for lady oriented roles. While that is understood what Trisha is doing currently has reminded many of lady Amitabh- Actress Vijayashanti. 

Apparently, Trisha is busy with a Tamil movie ‘Garjanai’ wherein she is going out and out doing action and stunt sequences without a dupe. This used to be the case with Vijayashanti during her heydays of career. Well, now that this petite beauty is doing so much let us see how the audience will receive this new avatar.

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