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  • BannerRajyaLakshmi Productions
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  • Music Ghantasala
  • Producer Sunderlal Nahata
  • Director Vitthalacharya
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Bandipotu (1963) story at a glance

Bandipotu is one unique film which earned Krishna Kumari the name as a beautiful folklore heroine. She got many opportunities to act in similar films after the success of this film. With Sr.NTR it was Aggi Pidugu and along with Kantha Rao she acted in Jwala Dweepa Rahasyam, Iddaru Mongallu, Chikkadu Dorakadu, Bhale Mongadu. This is the first film for Tripuraneni Maharadhi as a dialogue writer, who wrote for many successful films like Alluri Seetharamaraju, and Kanchu Kota.
Story Details:
The king of Saptasena (Gummadi) looks after his people with utmost care. He suddenly gets affected with paralysis and he has only one daughter (Krishna Kumari). Because he doesn’t have sons,  his brother in law Soorasenudu (Rajanala) decides to make use of the opportunity to seize the kingdom by marrying the daughter. He grabs the army and administration powers in the kingdom. His wrongdoings knows no bounds and he cleverly eliminates all those people who are the well wishers of the king. One among such people is Veerudu (Nagaiah) but he leaves the place out of his good nature. He has a brother who doesn’t spare the wrongdoings of Soorasenudu and fights against him with the name Musuguveerudu ( Mikkilineni). He becomes like a Robin hood who loots the money of the rich and distributes it evenly among the poor. The hero (Sr.NTR) mistakes the Musuguveerudu as a bad person and tries to chase him. One day, the hero rescues the king’s daughter from Musuguveerudu’s attempt to steal her jewelry and falls in love with her. The hero soon realizes that the Musuguveerudu is none other than his uncle and understands the goodwill behind the looting. The hero transforms to Bandipotu , wins the heart of the King’s daughter, teaches a lesson to Soorasenudu and saves the kingdom. The film features exciting stunts between Hero and Soorasenudu, intelligent political moves, and the love track between the lead pair.

Sr.NTR is excellent in the title role Bandipotu. He is dynamic, confident and does the stunts with great ease. He shares a great chemistry with his female lead Krishna Kumari. Rajanala gets a meaty role as Soorasenudu and carries it perfectly. Krishna Kumari is beautiful, glamorous and great in performance as princess. Mikkilineni is great as the Musuguveerudu. Gummadi gets a neat role as Saptasena and he handles it with ease.

Technical Aspects:
Tripuraneni Maharadhi’s dialogues are wonderful despite being a newcomer. He does a great job in writing witty conversations. Music by Ghantasala is a strongest pillar with songs like Vagala Ranivi Neeve and Oohalu Gusa Gusalaade becoming all time hits. The fact that there is a recent film with the name ‘Oohalu Gusa Gusalaade’ itself says the tremendous influence of the song. There is an interesting story behind this song. Ghantasala composed this song in Sumanesa Ranjani and when the director heard it, he said that the tune is too slow for a racy entertainer of this sort. But Ghantasala and lyric writer Arudra convinced him eventually. Direction by Vittala Charya is visually entertaining, with great costumes, art work and stunts.

Cast and Crew:
Hero(Bandipotu)- Sr.NTR
Saptasena- Gummadi
Soorasenudu- Rajanala
Musuguveerudu- Mikkilineni
Veerudu- Nagaiah
Saptasena’s Daughter- Krishna Kumari
Dialogues: Tripuraneni Maharadhi
 Lyrics:  Arudra, Dasaradhi, Dr.C.Narayana Reddy, Kosaraju
Music:  Ghantasala
Producer: Sunder Lal Nahata, Dundi
Director: B. Vitthalacharya
Banner:  Rajyalakshmi Productions
Release Date: 15th August 1963


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