NTR's Soul Playing Double Game?

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For many decades all of us have regarded the great N T Rama Rao as the pride of Telugus and his name was taken only for inspiring reasons. Cut to the present, NTR’s name has become the focal point of controversies and some friction thanks to the movies being made on his life.

The latest in that happens to be Kethireddy Jagadeeswar Reddy’s Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham. According to him, NTR’s soul is coming in his dream and telling him the story and hence he is making it. He has also added that if Lakshmi Parvathi is interfering in his work then it would be stopping NTR himself.

While all this sounds fine here comes the twist. Even the eccentric genius RGV said the same thing few days back about NTR coming into his dream. Does this mean NTR’s soul is playing double game? Keeping aside what RGV said the version from Kethireddy certainly comes across as a comedy to everyone. 

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