Garuda Vega Review & Ratings

By - November 03, 2017 - 01:05 PM IST

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Cast: Rajasekhar, Pooja Kumar, Shraddha Das, Kishore, Sanjay Reddy, Sunny Leone
Production House: Jyo Star Enterprises
Music: Bheems & Sricharan Pakala
Editor: Dharmendra Kakarala
Cinematography: Anji, Suresh, Shyam Prasad, Gika Chelidze & Bakur Chikobava
Story: Niranjan Reddy & Praveen Sattaru
Producers: M Koteswara Raju & Murali Srinivas
Screenplay-Direction: Praveen Sattaru

Avg User Rating: 3/5

Senior actor Rajasekhar, who has not been acting in a lot of movies recently is in a dire need of success. After a long time, Rajasekhar signed a movie titled PSV Garuda Vega which is directed by Guntur Talkies fame Praveen Sattaru. The huge hype around the movie after the release of intriguing trailers and Sunny Leone's special song doubled the buzz around PSV Garuda Vega. Today is D-Day and here is the review. Read on to know the storyline, plus and minus points, highlights etc.


PSV Garuda Vega is an investigative story which is made with a gripping screenplay and high-octane action sequences. For such movies, there is no particular storyline, but the whole thing runs around how the sequences are narrated.

Sekhar(Rajasekhar) is an NIA officer who is always involved in one or the other investigative operations. In this process, he neglects his family. How and why his family gets involved in terror activities and how he solves the muddle is the main crux of the story.

Roles and Performances:

Actor Rajasekhar sets his mark once again and gives a banging comeback to the industry. His action as an officer is really executed well. Lead actress Pooja Kumar suited well for the role of hero's wife.

Kishore's Role will be an suprise package to the audience and Praveen Sattaru utitlised Shraddha Das in a decent role. The other noted actors lived up to expectations.

Sunny Leone's special song will be a special treat to the masses. 


PSV Garuda Vega's crux resembles the stories of the movies like Thupakki, Baby etc. But, Garuda Vega was made in a very intriguing manner. Praveen Sattaru has given a very interesting narration which keeps the audience conjured.

The viewer gets a full portion of thrilling experience by watching this movie. There are so many scenes which can be exemplified as the ones to prove Praveen's talent as a filmmaker. Though the second half was comparatively a little dragged, the movie is a good thriller packed with interesting scenes and nail-biting sequences.

Technical Aspects:

PSV Garuda Vega can be termed as 'top-notch' in the technical aspects. The screenplay is just mindblowing with a good camera work. Sharp editing is a huge plus. Music and BGM also went along with the narration of the story.

Plus Points:

+ Story

+ Captivating Screenplay
+ High-octane action
+ Sunny Leone's Song
+ Climax

Minus Points:

Dragged Second Half

Final Verdict: PSV Garuda Vega- Super thriller movie. Falls under the list 'Must watch'.


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