Wife And D-I-L In Same Line

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Perhaps the biggest war from a very long time is that of the Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. These days it has become nothing short of a miracle to see this duo in harmony with each other. But there are always exceptions and one duo is certainly setting a very good example.

They belong to the Akkineni clan. Yes, we are talking about Amala Akkineni and Samantha Akkineni. Apparently, Amala has been deep into charity acts with various things like Blue Cross etc and now Samantha has joined the suit and taking things much further.

It is known that Samantha has her Pratyusha Foundation and she has been into many charity acts. Now, she has taken it few notches higher by arranging for heart surgeries to infants free of cost. This gesture is being hailed by many and Samantha is truly proving to be a real life role model.

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