Sr NTR's Lesser Known Human Side

By - May 28, 2016 - 09:00 PM IST

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Sr NTR is a magnificent personality who had several shades in personal life- just like his acting on screen! He was aggressive, strong, and at the same time displayed a softer side of his nature in many instances throughout his life. Here is one such incident which makes us admire him more!

After Uma Chandi Gowri Shankarula Kadha failing at the Box Office during the year 1968, KV Reddy was quite depressed. He was in dire financial crisis and at the same time his son had to leave for US to study further. A worried KV Reddy explained his situation to Sr NTR.  The legendary actor was moved to see a director who has given him greatest blockbusters like Paatala Bhairavi and Mayabazar approaching him now in trouble.

Sr NTR immediately arranged the finances for KV Reddy’s son to leave for US. Instead of treating it like a debt or humanitarian help, Sr NTR asked the director to consider it as the remuneration for their next film. Sr NTR always had two or three scripts which were ready to hit the sets and he chose this film’s script. He decided to make the film from his own production house in order to help KV Reddy and it shows the magnanimous nature of the actor. KV Reddy was a high BP and Diabetic during the film’s shooting and wasn’t having even proper eye sight. Sr NTR helped him out in the directional department as well and credited his name in the title cards.

That film is none other than the mythological hit Sri Krishna Satya in which popular actress Jayalalitha was paired opposite Sr NTR as the haughty woman Satyabhama.